Things i’ve learned as an entreprenuer

Howdy folks! Long time no hear! We haven’t been far from you all. It’s just been a very busy time of year. Spring is here (according to our Seattle weather, it shows otherwise) but anyhow lets jump right into it. Almost 2 years in and boy what a ride this has been. There have been plenty of ups and plenty of downs. A lot of what i’ve learned and am learning is worth to share. Take these below tips as inspiration and apply it to where you see fit. Enjoy!

  1. Stop comparing – your season is different.
  2. There will be highs and lows
  3. Build your own village/squad
  4. Success doesn’t happen overnight
  5. Believe and grind your way through
  6. Cleanse your friends list/followers
  7. Set realistic goals
  8. Open your mouth – Demand what you want
  9. There’s no end in the process…things are always changing
  10. Your gift is your gift and don’t let anyone take that from you! Believe in YOU!

As always lets chat. Feel free to drop a note below and i’ll respond soon:)


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