In search of a dream….

Life growing up was no silver spoon. Raised in a single parent household, bullied in middle school, first generation college graduate, exposed to adults in my life abusing drugs and there I was, a little girl who had no dreams in sight. In fact, I never had a dream. I’m one of those individuals who had no idea what I wanted to be when I grew up. It has taken A LOT of jobs for me to filter through. Until one day……..It all started with a walk to Target to purchase some simple essentials (pen/paper) and through trial and error, iD.A.Y.dream was formed. What’s funny is that I have creative juices that I never even realized I had, until I allowed myself the freedom to write.

Why I founded iD.A.Y.dream? So, after careful brainstorming and assessing my skills, it was only right to use my past as a platform to inspire youth. The world we live in right now is so dependent upon technology that affects how we communicate. One of the main points I wanted to tap into was getting youth to be more interactive – communicate, network, strengthen their vocabulary, etc. This area is huge seeing as though a lot of the kids are transitioning from middle to high school or even some off to college. We have to be able to verbally communicate what we want out of life and have a voice for what’s right and use less @Google, @YouTube or other search engines to help them find THE answer.

That’s not too much to ask…right?

Well since our inception in 2016 we’ve done some pretty cool things with some pretty cool kids.

  • NW Harvest
  • Amazon “Industry Day”
  • Youth Day Out – Bowling and Skating
  • Success Dreamers Academy
  • Umoja Festival
  • Pajamas and a Vision – New Year’s Eve event

Not to toot our own horn (Just kidding — toot toot) but iD.A.Y.dream is quite amazing with some remarkable kids/parents who believe in our vision —– THANK YOU iD.A.Y.dreamer’s!

I’m happy to say that I’ve found My dream! My place! My passion! My purpose! Yep that’s GOODNESS right there…..that keeps on growing and we won’t stop until we’ve reached every youth in the city!

Brandi Day

Founder, iD.A.Y.dream

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