I waited until the last minute……

December 1999…..We regret to inform you that you will not be accepted into Washington State University for the Fall of 2000…..Those words hurt. I was embarrassed, sad, confused, angry, just outright disappointed in myself.

Some of you may know the story of my journey of getting INTO college. It was no easy feat. You see, I had my priorities all mixed up and it wasn’t until Junior/Senior year that I began to take my g.p.a. and the college process seriously and boy did I learn a lesson.

So yep, I waited until the last minute to try and catch up and look good on paper. HA! You should see my college application. I would have denied me too. I needed to get denied…why? Because it taught me a hard-earned lesson. “You can’t play a game of catch up in life, it will only hold you back from having victory and being prosperous”. I truly believe it happened the way it should have, because after following through with the appeals process and meeting someone who was affiliated with the college, I got in! I got in! I got in!

April 2000…..Congratulations….I am pleased to inform you of admissions into Washington State University for the Fall 2000 semester.

It was during my college years that I gained more independence, built some confidence and stumbled along the path up until graduation.

I waited until the last minute and it was within that minute that a piece of me was reborn.

Go Cougs….

P.S……M. Lang is you happen to read this, thank you again for believing in me and giving me a chance! I am forever grateful!


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