Black Women Excellence and Unity

Proud moment!!! I had the honor of being this years keynote speaker at Mount Rainier High Schools – Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. assembly! This was truly, truly an honor! The Black Student Union cabinet and members are phenomenal and doing great work and I couldn’t be more proud of them!
This years theme was: Black Women Excellence and the UNITY between everyone!
Keynote takeaways:

✊🏽Growing up for me was no easy walk. In fact, society tried to block me from succeeding…”I” TRIED TO BLOCK “ME” FROM SUCCEEDING!


✊🏽Education will prepare you for life! You’ll always be a work in progress

✊🏽Disciplining yourself gives you freedom….a sense of relief!
✊🏽Think about that…FIND YOUR BALANCE!!!
✊🏽Knocking out your homework early! Cutting some people off! Revert from making THEIR problems YOUR problems! Having control of what you can control and sometimes we just can’t control it all! AND THAT’S OK!
✊🏽Stand up and declare your greatness!

✊🏽Stand up and be a leader not a follower and most of all stand up and just be you!

✊🏽Nothing in life comes to you by sitting on the couch in front of the tv or laying in the bed!

✊🏽Come to school every day and make a difference because your education and involvement prepares you for life.

✊🏽Wives, mothers, friends, authors, daughters, leaders, scholars, warriors….WOMEN WHO MADE AND IS MAKING HISTORY! THIS is BOSS! THIS IS EXCELLENCE!! THIS IS THE POWER OF WOMAN and this is the power of ALL OF US!!!!! Yes, we have the power and are fully capable and matter of fact give me a second while I make room for my seat at the table.

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Not perfect

I AM NOT PERFECT! NO ONE IS! Why do we tend to be so hard on ourselves? I think life has a tendency to put pressure on us but we too put the pressure on ourselves. Today lets take time to slow down…breathe….live in the moment and just do our best to be our best selves.

Repeat after me! I’m not perfect but i’m trying to just be the best version of myself. #AWorkInProgress


Starting line up

We’ve all heard the saying…Teamwork makes the dream work!  I can attest that having a team of likeminded people in your circle definitely gratifies the journey! Its really important that you take a look at your goals and your future and clearly assess if those around you will hold you down throughout the process as well as you being able to provide the same for them.


So whose on your team? Leave comments below…lets chat and oh go ahead a draft your starting line up………


Things i’ve learned as an entreprenuer

Howdy folks! Long time no hear! We haven’t been far from you all. It’s just been a very busy time of year. Spring is here (according to our Seattle weather, it shows otherwise) but anyhow lets jump right into it. Almost 2 years in and boy what a ride this has been. There have been plenty of ups and plenty of downs. A lot of what i’ve learned and am learning is worth to share. Take these below tips as inspiration and apply it to where you see fit. Enjoy!

  1. Stop comparing – your season is different.
  2. There will be highs and lows
  3. Build your own village/squad
  4. Success doesn’t happen overnight
  5. Believe and grind your way through
  6. Cleanse your friends list/followers
  7. Set realistic goals
  8. Open your mouth – Demand what you want
  9. There’s no end in the process…things are always changing
  10. Your gift is your gift and don’t let anyone take that from you! Believe in YOU!

As always lets chat. Feel free to drop a note below and i’ll respond soon:)


Amazonian for a day

We had the opportunity to spend some time down at the Amazon HQ (sadly we didn’t run into Mr. Bezos). Let me just say….it was a blast. Why?  Amazon is not only the largest Internet Retailer in the world but they have some pretty cool people that work there, and we were lucky enough to be hosted by a few of those people.

Our High Schoolers had the liberty to get up close and personal with questions about the culture of the company, questions about recruitment, internships and life before and during Amazon.

It was pretty cool for them to get insight into what a day in the life of being an adult and full-time worker consisted of. Though everyone’s journey differed there was one commonality….They all loved their job and what they do. It can’t get no better than that.

Here a few nuggets from the session that stood out:

  • “The more time and opportunity you put into your strategy the better prepared you will be”
  • “Speak about yourself confidently”
  • “Presence over Perfection”
  • “You don’t make it in the door if you’re not already capable of performing”
  • “Create a network of friends who are more DIVERSE”
  • “Make a mark and prove people wrong”

Fun facts:

  • Dog the building
  • Telephone booths…for… know…those private business calls! It is a pretty popular place.
  • Post Alley…other wise knows as “Post Its” wall alley…pretty cool way of sharing positive messages with fellow Amazonians.
  • And much much more!

Overall the experience was exactly what I hoped for and eager to go back for more. You know, up the ante a bit.