Black Women Excellence and Unity

Proud moment!!! I had the honor of being this years keynote speaker at Mount Rainier High Schools – Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. assembly! This was truly, truly an honor! The Black Student Union cabinet and members are phenomenal and doing great work and I couldn’t be more proud of them!
This years theme was: Black Women Excellence and the UNITY between everyone!
Keynote takeaways:

✊🏽Growing up for me was no easy walk. In fact, society tried to block me from succeeding…”I” TRIED TO BLOCK “ME” FROM SUCCEEDING!


✊🏽Education will prepare you for life! You’ll always be a work in progress

✊🏽Disciplining yourself gives you freedom….a sense of relief!
✊🏽Think about that…FIND YOUR BALANCE!!!
✊🏽Knocking out your homework early! Cutting some people off! Revert from making THEIR problems YOUR problems! Having control of what you can control and sometimes we just can’t control it all! AND THAT’S OK!
✊🏽Stand up and declare your greatness!

✊🏽Stand up and be a leader not a follower and most of all stand up and just be you!

✊🏽Nothing in life comes to you by sitting on the couch in front of the tv or laying in the bed!

✊🏽Come to school every day and make a difference because your education and involvement prepares you for life.

✊🏽Wives, mothers, friends, authors, daughters, leaders, scholars, warriors….WOMEN WHO MADE AND IS MAKING HISTORY! THIS is BOSS! THIS IS EXCELLENCE!! THIS IS THE POWER OF WOMAN and this is the power of ALL OF US!!!!! Yes, we have the power and are fully capable and matter of fact give me a second while I make room for my seat at the table.

My name is Brandi Day – Founder of iD.A.Y.dream and I Inspire Youth To Dream Out loud! #Speaker#Keynote #MountRainierHS #BSU#martinlutherkingjr #Love #unity #Seattle#BlackGirlMagic #MakingHistory #ChangingLives#Motivator #Realest #TellYourStory #nonprofit#leader #youth #TheBestIsYetToCome #Women#Excellence

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